Institute for Mixed Methods Research

We are a global network of experienced academic researchers dedicated to the development and implementation of high quality mixed methods research. With our experience in a broad range of topics from both research and training perspectives, Institute resources are intended to provide capacity building workshops, engage in grant preparation and subsequent substantive research, and provide consultation to external work from research and evaluation design, to data management and analysis, to the interpretation of findings and preparation for dissemination.

The Institute pioneers the development of innovative, creative, and rigorous approaches to the design and implementation of mixed methods research in social science around the world. The Institute commits to:

  • Leading in the improvement and expansion of mixed methods research and evaluation practice beyond exclusive traditional quantitative and qualitative methods—ultimately developing new ways of designing, conducting, and communicating high quality social science research
  • Fostering and promoting the creative application of new technologies such as research and evaluation data apps (REDA)
  • Engaging in high quality processes throughout the research and evaluation enterprise—from design to deliverable
  • Modeling the effective presentation and utilization of research and evaluation results
  • Promoting international professional collaborations and networks

Those affiliated with the Institute will gain expertise in all facets of contemporary mixed methods research and evaluation practice and benefit from collaboration with our team of experienced professional academics and other members of the Institute community.