Articles - Ethnography

Concordance Between Ethnographer and Folk Perspectives: Observed Performance and - Self-Ascription of Sibling Caretaking Roles

Description: Compares observer to cultural member view of roles in care-taking

"I Speak a Different Dialect": Teen Explanatory Models of Difference and Disability

Description: Elicited explanatory models from adolescents with varied cognitive disabilities and delay to better understand their personal experiences.

Why Ethnography Should Be the Most Important Method in the Study of Human Development

Description: Describes the ethnographic method and its many varieties.

Unpackaging Cultural Effects On Classroom Learning: Hawaiian Peer Assistance and Child-Generated Activity

Description: Observational and interview study of sibling caretaking and peer assistance in Native Hawaiian contexts to illustrate the appropriate comparative analysis of natal and school activity settings.

Children of the 1960s at Midlife: Generational Identity and the Family Adaptive Project

Description: Using ethnographic methods, describes the midlife experiences of a counter-culture population.