Articles - Coding

Managing Data in CAQDAS

Description: A thorough narrative discussion of the use and issue related to computer assisted qualitative data analysis.

Techniques to Identify Themes

Description: Wonderful guide to describing and identifying themes in qualitative research.

EthnoNotes: An Internet-based Fieldnote Management Tool

Description: Introduces and describes the EthnoNotes system for managing, coding, analyzing, and presenting the results of mixed methods research

Intercoder Reliability for Validating Conclusions Drawn From Open-Ended Interview Data

Description: Discusses procedures for developing and assessing intercoder reliability with free-flowing text.

Developing Data Analysis

Description: Provides a step-by-step guide to all the questions students ask when beginning their first research project.

Interobserver Agreement, Reliability, and Generalizability of Data Collected in Observational Studies

Description: Discusses reliability and generalizability in terms of coefficients that reflect the "quality" of data, what defines quality data, and how reports of agreement are insufficient.

Measures of Interobserver Agreement: Calculation Formulas and Distribution Effects

Description: Discusses issues, types, and calculations for inter-rater reliability

The meaning of Kappa: Probabilistic Concepts of Reliability and Validity Revisited

Description: Discusses issues and calculations for inter-rater reliability and its use in coding validity.

Making Sense of Qualitative Data: Complementary Research Strategies

Description: Describes and illustrates a number of key, complementary approaches to qualitative data and offers practical advice on the many ways to analyze data.

Codebook Development for Team-Based Qualitative Analysis


Description: Systematic code book development for qualitative data in a team-based context.