Description: Dedoose was designed from the ground up — by researchers for researchers.

The Mixed Methods Reader

Description: Collection of "classic" publications on mixed methods research.

Mixed Methods in Social Inquiry

Description: A comprehensive overview of mixed methods research.

A Guide to the Use of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) in Assessing Intervention Effects: The Promise of Multiple Methods [Brochure]

Description: Presents a schematic illustration of issues and rationale in whether and how to address policy and research questions via multiple method research design.

Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Insights into Design and Analysis Issues

Description: Discusses issues of design, sampling, and analysis in mixed methods research.

Integrating Survey and Ethnographic Methods for Systematic Anomalous Case Analysis

Description: How the salience of research findings can be enhanced by combining survey and ethnographic methods to draw insight from anomalous cases.

Toward a Unified Validation Framework in Mixed Methods Research

Description: Offers a validation framework to guide thinking about validation in mixed methods work.

Lessons Learned for Teaching Mixed Research: A Framework for Novice Researchers

Description: A concise description of key steps in the mixed research process.

Designing Qualitative Studies

Description: Practical guide to study design with good attention to taxonomy of research approaches by purpose and sampling issues.

A Mixed Methods Investigation of Mixed Methods Sampling Designs in Social and Health Science Research

Description: Presents a two-dimensional model (time orientation—concurrent vs. sequential and the relationship between the qualitative and quantitative samples—identical, nested, multilevel, and parallel) for classifying mixed methods studies sampling designs.