Using Mixed-Methods Sequential Explanatory Design: From Theory to Practice

Description: Discusses procedural issues related to mixed-methods in a sequential (quant then qual) design.

Techniques to Identify Themes

Description: Wonderful guide to describing and identifying themes in qualitative research.

EthnoNotes: An Internet-based Fieldnote Management Tool

Description: Introduces and describes the EthnoNotes system for managing, coding, analyzing, and presenting the results of mixed methods research

Cultural Consensus Theory: Applications and Frequently Asked Questions

Description: Introduces how consensus theory can be used to estimate culturally appropriate/correct answers when answers are unknown regarding the variation in cultural knowledge.

A Systems Approach to Qualitative Data Management and Analysis

Description: Introduces and illustrates a systematic approach to qualitative data management from a database architecture perspective.

Distinguishing the Trees from the Forest: Applying Cluster Analysis to Thematic Qualitative Data

Description: Introduces and Illustrates the use of cluster analysis in aiding the analysis of large qualitative data sets through a hierarchical technique that can be applied in a multistage thematic analysis.

Intercoder Reliability for Validating Conclusions Drawn From Open-Ended Interview Data

Description: Discusses procedures for developing and assessing intercoder reliability with free-flowing text.

Using Consensus Analysis to Measure Cultural Diversity in Organizations and Social Movements.

Description: Introduces consensus analysis as useful technique for analyzing structured interview data and producing results.

Mixed Methods Analysis and Information Visualization: Graphical Display for Effective Communication of Research Results

Description: Introduces a range of graphical methods that can be used to present mixed methods research results.

Unleashing Frankenstein’s Monster? The Use of Computers in Qualitative Research

Description: Presents and discusses issues and controversy related to the use of computers in qualitative research.