Resources - Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Students' Perceptions of Characteristics of Effective College Teachers: A Validity Study of a Teaching Evaluation Form Using a Mixed Methods Analysis

Description: Multistage mixed-methods analysis assessing content and construct validity of a teaching evaluation form based on student's perceptions.

Advances in Mixed Methods Research

Description: Chapters cover several specialized, but important, areas of mixed methods research.

Mixed Methods in Social Inquiry

Description: A comprehensive overview of mixed methods research.

A Guide to the Use of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) in Assessing Intervention Effects: The Promise of Multiple Methods [Brochure]

Description: Presents a schematic illustration of issues and rationale in whether and how to address policy and research questions via multiple method research design.

Behavior Sampling and Ethnography: Complementary Methods for Understanding Home-School Connections among Latino Immigrant Families

Description: Used ethnography and experience-sampling methods to study the relations between home activities and school achievement in a sample of low-income Latino immigrant families and their 10-11 year-old children at risk for low school achievement.

"I Speak a Different Dialect": Teen Explanatory Models of Difference and Disability

Description: Elicited explanatory models from adolescents with varied cognitive disabilities and delay to better understand their personal experiences.

Using Mixed-Methods Sequential Explanatory Design: From Theory to Practice

Description: Discusses procedural issues related to mixed-methods in a sequential (quant then qual) design.

Research Design: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches; A framework for the Study

Description: Straightforward practical discussion about thinking about and planning qualitative or quantitative research.

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches

Description: Publication of global research, scholarship, educational, researcher and practitioner perspectives on multiple, hybrid (outcome of unusual blending), synergistic (combined effect), integrated and cultural research approaches.

Barriers to Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Description: Challenges to integrating mixed methods data and strategy for writing mixed methods research articles.