Mixed Methods Analysis and Information Visualization: Graphical Display for Effective Communication of Research Results

Description: Introduces a range of graphical methods that can be used to present mixed methods research results.

Barriers to Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Description: Challenges to integrating mixed methods data and strategy for writing mixed methods research articles.

A Systems Approach to Qualitative Data Management and Analysis

Description: Introduces and illustrates a systematic approach to qualitative data management from a database architecture perspective.

Reasoning With Numbers

Description: Presents a comprehensive set of techniques for representing the world through numbers and argues that there are many things to be missed when neglecting these approaches.

Mixed Methods Research: A Research Paradigm Whose Time Has Come

Description: Positions mixed methods as natural complement to traditional qual and quant research, to present pragmatism as attractive philosophical for mixed methods research, and provide framework for designing and conducting mixed methods research

Lessons Learned for Teaching Mixed Research: A Framework for Novice Researchers

Description: A concise description of key steps in the mixed research process.

Why Ethnography Should Be the Most Important Method in the Study of Human Development

Description: Describes the ethnographic method and its many varieties.

Sampling - Trochin, M. K. (2006)

Description: Sampling is the process of selecting units (e.g., people, organizations) from a population of interest so that by studying the sample we may fairly generalize our results back to the population from which they were chosen.