Research Design Issues for Mixed Method and Mixed Model Studies

Description: Discusses the concept of triangulation from various perspectives and the variety of approaches to implementing mixed methods research.

Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Developmental Science: Uses and Methodological Choices

Description: Describes and discusses choices for using mixed methods from a practical perspective and discusses common pitfalls and how to aviod them.

Unpackaging Cultural Effects On Classroom Learning: Hawaiian Peer Assistance and Child-Generated Activity

Description: Observational and interview study of sibling caretaking and peer assistance in Native Hawaiian contexts to illustrate the appropriate comparative analysis of natal and school activity settings.

Impacts of Children with Troubles on Working Poor Families: Experimental and Mixed Methods Evidence

Description: Mixed methods experimental study examining the differences in family routine difficulty as a function of troubled children.

Intercoder Reliability for Validating Conclusions Drawn From Open-Ended Interview Data

Description: Discusses procedures for developing and assessing intercoder reliability with free-flowing text.

Mapping the Field of Mixed Methods Research

Description: Terrific survey of what’s happening in the mixed methods literature and mixed methods field.

Photo Interviews: Eliciting Data through Conversations with Children

Description: Describes the use of photo interviewing as strategy for eliciting information from children who often have preconceived ideas about how to interact with adults and avoid pressures of school setting as interview context.

Systematic Field Observation

Description: Discusses the history and types of field observation methods from a sociological perspective.

Advanced Mixed Methods Research Design

Description: Describes variety of mixed methods research designs and associated analytical issues

Toward a Definition of Mixed Methods Research

Description: Examines the definition of the emerging mixed methods research field.