Unleashing Frankenstein’s Monster? The Use of Computers in Qualitative Research

Description: Presents and discusses issues and controversy related to the use of computers in qualitative research.

Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research: How is it done?

Description: Draws on a content analysis of methods and design from 232 articles using combined methods.

Concordance Between Ethnographer and Folk Perspectives: Observed Performance and - Self-Ascription of Sibling Caretaking Roles

Description: Compares observer to cultural member view of roles in care-taking

Introduction to Mixed Method and Mixed Model Studies in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Paradigm Wars and Mixed Methodologies.

Description: Encourages a focus on the research question as a guide to deciding on methods to apply in a particular study and comfort in cross the boundaries between pure interpretations of particular paradigmatic characteristics.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Description: An Introduction to and discussion of text analysis.

EthnoNotes: An Internet-based Fieldnote Management Tool

Description: Introduces and describes the EthnoNotes system for managing, coding, analyzing, and presenting the results of mixed methods research

Designing Qualitative Studies

Description: Practical guide to study design with good attention to taxonomy of research approaches by purpose and sampling issues.

Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Insights into Design and Analysis Issues

Description: Discusses issues of design, sampling, and analysis in mixed methods research.

Pragmatism and The Choice of Research Strategy

Description: Introduces and traces the history of the methodological paradigm wars and brings readers up to the state of affairs (albeit, 1998).

Using Consensus Analysis to Measure Cultural Diversity in Organizations and Social Movements.

Description: Introduces consensus analysis as useful technique for analyzing structured interview data and producing results.